Cooked green rice in skillet with cilantro on the side

Is it too much to produce a batch of green rice every week?

Because that's where my heart is.

I could eat this green rice at every meal, a hundred different ways. It's soft, flavorful, pleasantly spicy and loaded with green goodness.

Traditionally green rice (arroz verde) is made with lots of herbs, plus jalapeños and/or poblanos for spiciness, and is typically served as a side dish with Mexican or Latin American dishes.

But for this green rice, the base is spinach, and the heat comes from the serrano, which creates a spicy, herbaceous flavor that can go in so many directions. It's great with more traditional Mexican dishes, like these chicken tinga tacos or enchiladas verdes, but it actually goes very well with Thai or Indian dishes (like a creamy yellow curry, for example). I also love it with smokier and sweeter BBQ flavors, like grilled chicken! Really, really versatile.

And perhaps my favorite use? These are epic bowls! As:

Green rice, chicken skewers and creamy corn in a bowl.
  • Green rice + chicken skewers and creamed corn (pictured, my favorite at the moment)
  • Green rice + black beans and a fried egg (perfect quick WFH breakfast-lunch)
  • Green Rice + Air Fryer Salmon (AS good with the sweetness of that salmon rub)
  • Green rice + air fryer chicken (not a problem)

A word for the kids: This green rice definitely packs some heat, so my daughters (3 and 5) are a “no thanks” on this one (or maybe that's just because it's green). But I love it so much that it's worth making just for me and Bjork! So delicious.

One of the ways I decide which recipes to share here on POY is to ask myself: How much do I want to eat leftovers? And since I spent all morning sitting doing baby gymnastics and dreaming about what kind of bowl I'd build out of my leftover green rice for lunch, I think this one fits the bill.

I hope you love it! ♡

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