Arroz con Camarones: Peruvian Shrimp and Yellow Rice

Arroz con Camarones is a popular dish in Peru that combines succulent shrimp, fluffy, fragrant rice, and a spicy, flavorful red sauce. The sauce is a blend of spices like cumin and turmeric, aromatics like garlic and onions, and a hint of fruitiness from white wine. umami flavors of tomatoes and peppers, combined with the delicate heat of aji amarillo and the hazelnut flavor of vintage oil, transform the dish into a lively yellow rice dotted with red and green vegetable dots.

Garnished with fresh cilantro or parsley and served with a squeeze of lime, this dish is a true demonstration of the unique fusion of flavors that makes Peruvian cuisine so irresistible.

how to make rice with shrimp

Arroz con camarones, a popular dish in Latin America, has many regional variations, especially in Mexico, Colombia, Cuba, Ecuador, and especially Peru. This beloved yellow rice with shrimp recipe is versatile enough to serve at a party or enjoy as a satisfying and healthy lunch or dinner.

This is one of the easiest and quickest dishes to prepare that we have presented on Eat Peru. Everyone will love it and you can prepare it in just a few minutes, so you have no excuse not to try it.

Every time I make this dish, I am reminded of Peru's incredible biodiversity. From the Pacific coast, where shrimp are harvested, to the Andean highlands, where chiles thrive, this dish represents some of the best ingredients from this South American culinary powerhouse.


• Shrimp: the protagonists of the dish, known for their quick cooking and delicious flavour.

• Garlic: Adds a spicy, aromatic element.

• Cumin: Adds a nutty, warm, and slightly savoury flavour.

• Turmeric: for a ginger and pepper flavor.

• Salt and pepper: essential for seasoning.

• Olive oil: used for frying.

• Cold cooked white rice or overnight rice: ideal for fried rice as it absorbs sauces better.

• Green peas: Add color and texture.

• Annatto oil: imparts a nutty flavor and a bright yellow hue.

• Onion: adds depth to the dish.

• Aji amarillo paste: A spicy, fruity yellow chili pepper paste.

• Bell pepper: adds sweetness and a pop of color.

• Tomatoes: give the dish a touch of umami flavor.

• White wine: enhances the flavour of seafood with its fruity notes.

• Coriander: for garnish.

Yellow rice with shrimp recipe from Peru

Quick Tips

• If you don't have rice to store overnight, let the freshly cooked rice cool to room temperature and freeze it for an hour or two.

• Be careful with wet ingredients: if you use too many, the rice may turn out mushy.

• Add ingredients based on cooking time, starting with those that require the longest cooking time.

Step by step preparation instructions

phase 1 preparation of the shrimp seasoning

Step 1: Prepare the shellfish: Thaw the shrimp, pat dry, and season with a spicy mix of garlic, cumin, salt, and pepper. Let the flavors meld together as you go.

step 2 stir-fried garlic rice

Step 2: Revive the rice: Sizzle the garlic in the olive oil until it dances with aroma. Add the rice, give it a quick toss to revive it, then set aside for later.

phase 3 slow cooking of the colored sauce

Step 3: Make the sauce: In the same pan, create a colorful mix with the annatto oil, cumin, turmeric, onion, Aji Amarillo, bell pepper, and tomatoes. Let boil and reduce for 10 minutes, stirring occasionally.

phase 4 white wine vegetables simmer

Step 4: Splash some wine: Add a generous splash of white wine to the pan. Simmer and stir in the vegetables for 5-7 minutes, until tender and flavorful.

step 5 rice peas sauce mixing

Step 5: Combine grains and vegetables: Add rice and green peas to the simmering sauce. Stir until every grain is coated in the vibrant mix.

I want this recipe to be authentic, but also customizable for you. Can't find rocoto peppers? I tried using a mix of red peppers and a pinch of chili pepper. It's not exactly like the original, but it's close. Just remember, cooking should be fun and adventurous!

stage 6 pan for cooking the shrimp

Step 6: The Grand Shrimp Entrance: Lower the heat and add the seasoned shrimp to the party. Stir gently until they turn pink, which indicates they are ready to eat.

step 7 coriander and lime garnish

Step 7: Finishing touches: Taste and add salt if needed. Sprinkle with cilantro for a fresh finish and serve with lime wedges for a zesty twist.

Frequent questions

Why should rice be chilled, day-old, or cold?

One trick I’ve learned from my family’s endless list of recipes is to use day-old rice to get the perfect texture. Freshly cooked rice tends to be too moist and can become mushy when mixed with sauce. Using leftover rice helps the individual grains of rice stay separate and absorb the delicious flavors of the sauce.

Is white rice the best choice?

While you can use any type of rice available, the best type of rice to use is long grain rice such as Basmati and Jasmine, which cooks to a light, fluffy consistency. These hold up well to sauces and don’t get too sticky.

What kind of shrimp can I use?

Any type of shrimp will work, but larger ones with shells offer more flavor. Cooking time may vary based on size. Frozen shrimp are commonly used because they do not require peeling or shelling before or after cooking. For the richest flavor, choose shrimp with the heads and shells intact.

I think of this Arroz con Camarones recipe as an introduction to the vast realm of Peruvian cuisine. If you like it, definitely try other Peruvian classics like Ceviche, Lomo Saltado, or Causa Rellena. Each dish has a unique story about Peruvian history and culture. You might just end up planning a food trip to Peru!

As a great lover of sustainable cooking, I always recommend using Responsibly sourced shrimp for this recipe. It’s a small thing we can do to ensure that future generations can enjoy Peru’s coastal waters, as well as seafood from every coast. Plus, sustainably caught shrimp just has this fresher, sweeter flavor.

Yellow rice with shrimp recipe from Peru

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Authentic Peruvian Rice with Shrimp

You absolutely have to try this easy-to-cook Arroz con Camarones. This delicious Peruvian shrimp and yellow rice dish combines garlicky shrimp and rice cooked in a savory sauce of aji amarillo, peppers and tomatoes. Cooked with white wine and spices, this skillet meal combines seafood, vegetables and fragrant rice for an exceptional taste experience.

Preparation time7 minutes

Time to cook27 minutes

Course: Main course, side dish

Kitchen: Peruvian

Keyword: rice, seafood

Portions: 6

Calories: 359kilocalorie


  • Prepare the shrimp: Thaw the shrimp and remove excess water. Mix with garlic, cumin, salt and pepper. Set aside.

  • Cook the rice: Heat the olive oil in a skillet over medium heat. Sauté the garlic until fragrant. Add the rice and stir until heated through. Set aside.

  • Make the sauce: In the same skillet over medium heat, combine the annatto oil, cumin, turmeric, onion, Aji Amarillo, bell pepper, and tomatoes. Simmer for 10 minutes, stirring frequently.

  • Add the wine: Pour in the white wine and simmer for 5-7 minutes, until the pepper and tomatoes are tender.

  • Mix rice and peas: Add the rice and peas to the sauce, stirring until the rice is completely coated.

  • Add the shrimp: Lower the heat, add the shrimp and stir until they change color.

  • Finish and serve: Taste and adjust salt if necessary. Garnish with cilantro and serve with lime wedges.


Nutritional values

Authentic Peruvian Rice with Shrimp

Quantity per serving

Calories 359
Calories from fat 36

% Daily Value*

Fat 4 g6%

Saturated fat 1g6%

Trans fats 0.003 g

Polyunsaturated fats 1g

Monounsaturated fats 2g

Cholesterol 122 mg41%

Sodium 490 mg21%

Potassium 539mg15%

Carbohydrates 59g20%

3g Fiber13%

Sugar 4g4%

Protein 22 g44%

Vitamin A 1076 IU22%

C vitamin 39 mg47%

Soccer 100 mg10%

Iron 2mg11%

* Percent Daily Values ​​are based on a 2,000 calorie diet.

Peruvian Seafood Rice

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