Beetroot Tambuli Recipe

  • To start preparing the Beetroot Tambuli recipe, prepare all the ingredients and have them ready

  • To cook the beetroot; heat the oil in a pan over medium heat; add the beetroot with a little salt and cook for a few minutes until soft. Once soft, turn off the heat and let the beetroot cool.

  • To grind the coconut masala, in a blender jar, combine the fresh coconut, cooked beetroot, along with the green chili, cumin seeds, and whole peppercorns. Add ½ cup of hot water to make a smooth coconut masala, then set aside.

  • To make the Beetroot Tambuli, in a large bowl mix the whipped curd and freshly ground beetroot-coconut masala and season with salt.

  • For the tadka, heat oil in a tadka pan over medium heat; add mustard, cumin seeds and broken urad and let it crackle and the dal turn golden and crispy. Then add the red chilli and curry leaves and roast for a few seconds and turn off the heat.

  • Pour this tadka on the beetroot tambuli and serve.

  • Serve Beetroot Tambuli recipe along with steamed rice and Padpe Uppukari – Harive Soppu Palya recipe for a simple South Indian lunch.

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