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This banana cake is a recipe that already exists on the blog, but like many others, after repeating it a couple of times I made some small changes that made it even better, but first let me tell you why I love this cake so much .

Is simple banana cake a kid's favorite?

If you're looking for a cake that's easy to make, uses fruit and is incredibly pretty, this is your cake.

Because it uses few ingredients and those always available in a Brazilian family's home (basically ripe bananas, flour, sugar, eggs, butter and yeast).

This cake is unique because this simple combination results in a moist and soft cake, with pieces of banana that fall apart in the mouth and make the heart of those who taste it happy.

it was easy bananasit was easy bananas


If there is one characteristic of banana cake it is its versatility. After all, you can add nuts, raisins, cinnamon or even a touch of chocolate and you are sure that it will be good. And he will!

Zero waste

Furthermore, for me the greatest advantage of this recipe, apart from the flavour, consistency and ease of making, is the possibility of transforming ripe bananas that would surely go to waste, into a delicious recipe that everyone likes.

What does my easy banana cake recipe look like?

In the case of this recipe, I found that the riper the banana, the less sugar is needed. So from today no more wasted bananas at home.

I started using 1 cup (tea) because the first time I tried banana it was early in the ripening process and it was good.

But be careful because if the banana is very ripe it looks better with many black dots on the peel! So my recommendation is 1/2 cup sugar if you like less sweet cakes and 2/3 cup for sweeter cakes.

What precautions are needed when making an easy banana cake?

The easy banana cake is a simple recipe, but requires some important precautions, such as the preparation of the ingredients. So, check out what they are below and guarantee a perfect cake.

Choose bananas

Use very ripe bananas because they are sweeter and easier to mash. In fact, those with brown skin are perfect for this. However, those that are unripe or not very ripe do not give the same sweetness and moisture to the cake.

Preparation of ingredients

Make sure all the ingredients are at room temperature before starting the preparation. So this includes butter, eggs and milk. After all, when they are cold, they can damage the texture of the cake, preventing it from rising.

Easy banana bowlEasy banana bowl
This banana cake is perfect to serve on many occasions. Image from Freepik.

Precise measurements

Use measuring cups and spoons to ensure ingredient proportions are correct. That's because they are essential to the texture and flavor of a simple banana cake.

Mixing the dough

When mixing the dough, whisk the liquid ingredients first until smooth. Then add the dry elements and mix gently to prevent the mixture from becoming heavy.

Baking powder

Lastly add the yeast and mix gently. Therefore, mixing too much can cause it to lose its effect. So, this will make your cake dense and heavy.

If you are a lover of this fruit, be sure to check out our other blog posts. So to get started, check out the banana banoffee recipe.

The news is that there is a video of the recipe Soft banana cakeone of those very quick ones that perfectly teach you how to do it, has all the details and no complications, so let's look at it?

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