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OR Cornmeal cake in the blender It is a very practical and simple recipe. So, if you want to opt for a quick and tasty preparation for your afternoon, this dessert is ideal.

How to make cornmeal cake in a blender?

I propose again some old recipes that over the years I have improved a little here, another there.

After all, panel therapy has been on the air since 2009 and we must always try to evolve, right? This is an updated version of my blended cornmeal cake. Now tastier and cuter (and with new photos)!

Ingredients for cornmeal cake

2/3 cup (tea) oil;
1 1/2 cups (tea) milk;
3 eggs;
1 1/2 cups (tea) cornmeal;
1 cup (tea) wheat flour;
1/2 cup (tea) cornstarch;
1 1/2 cups (tea) sugar;
1 tablespoon of yeast.

Preparation method

Start by whisking the eggs, milk and oil in a blender. Then add all the dry ingredients, leaving only the yeast to add at the end.

Then place on a baking tray greased with oil or butter and floured and place in a preheated oven at 180ºC for about 45 minutes.

Since each oven has its own peculiarities, to know when it is ready, test by inserting a knife or toothpick; if it comes out clean you can take it out of the oven;

This saying that you cannot open the oven only applies for the first 25 minutes after putting the cake in the oven, after which you can open it without damaging the cake.

I hope you will make this recipe because this new version is much softer and tastier. Here at home it was very successful!

How to make blended cornmeal cake better?

To make the blended cornmeal cake even better, you can add ingredients such as guava or fennel, which add a touch of extra flavor. But there are some other tips that can help you achieve incredible results, see below.

Cornmeal cake in the blenderCornmeal cake in the blender
Learn how to make the best cornmeal cake in a blender. Image from Pexels.

Combine the corn flour with other flours

To prevent this creamy cornmeal cake from being too heavy, you can mix cornmeal with other types of flour. This is because corn holds a lot of liquid, which makes your recipe very heavy. So, if you want a lighter, fluffier cake, mix it with wheat flour or starch.

The ideal proportion is to use 50% corn flour, 35% wheat flour and 15% corn starch. However, it is worth remembering that since corn starch is a thickener, it is good to be careful so that the cake is not heavy but rather light and fluffy.

Use quality products in the recipe

The secret for every recipe to be good is above all to use quality ingredients and this is no different in the blender corn cake.

Therefore, choose, even with a simple and quick procedure, good brands that can guarantee quality in the products you intend to use.

Cornmeal cake in the blenderCornmeal cake in the blender
Blend your cornmeal cake in a blender with ingredients that enhance its flavor. Image from Pexels.

Use creamy ingredients in cornmeal cake

To have the best experience with your cake, use add-ins that help make it creamy or make the flavor more powerful. Therefore, some of the most used ingredients for this purpose are:

There are those who prefer to include chocolate chips, for example, or other non-traditional elements such as pistachios. Then, add whatever suits your taste and combines well to have the best cornmeal cake in the blender.

What precautions should you take when making a blended cornmeal cake?

The blended cornmeal cake is a practical recipe, but some attention is required, such as taking the right measurements. So, here are some to look out for:

  • precise measurements;
  • I prepare from shape;
  • adding ingredients;
  • I prepare from shape;
  • oven temperature.

Just follow the recipe above and stick to the temperature instructions. This way your cornmeal cake will be perfect.

Cornmeal cake in the blenderCornmeal cake in the blender
This cake is delicious and very simple to prepare. Image from Catracá Livre

What should you serve the blended cornmeal cake with?

You can serve the cornmeal cake in a blender with several accompaniments, such as cheese. So, check out some ideas that will make the dish even tastier.

Fresh coffee

This cake is generally served with a cup of fresh coffee. After all, the combination of sweetness and bitterness creates a perfect experience. Therefore it is ideal for an afternoon snack or for breakfast.


Cornmeal cake with a slice of Minas or coalho cheese adds an extra layer of flavor. Thus the creaminess and light acidity of the cheese complement the sweetness of the cake. It's a way to create an interesting contrast.

Jams and honey

Fruit jellies such as strawberry, raspberry or apricot are great for spreading on cake. This is because they give a fruity and acidic touch. Additionally, honey is also a great option for those who prefer something more natural and sweet.


For those who are not a coffee lover, a good cup of tea is fine. So whether it's black, green or herbaceous, this is a great accompaniment. Fennel or chamomile, in fact, are options that harmonize well with the flavor of the corn flour cake.

fresh fruit

Strawberries, blackberries or mango slices can be served alongside the cake. After all, they add freshness and lightness to the dish. Therefore, they make the experience more balanced.

If you like cakes in general, try new recipes too. For example, find out how to make an orange cake with syrup.

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