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A list of 12 delicious traditional Colombian drinks. If you are looking for a refreshing or hot drink, try these recipes.

Colombian cuisine offers a wonderful range of hot and cold drinks, consisting of excellent juices prepared with fresh exotic fruits. These drinks are often mixed with sugar and, optionally, milk or water.

This roundup of 12 traditional Colombian drinks to try starts with my favorite hot drinks to enjoy during the cold winter months and will take you straight into summer garden parties with cold drinks.

1. Santafereño Chocolate: This hot chocolate is popular throughout Colombia, especially in Bogotá, the country’s capital. See the recipe here.

2. Canelazo: A popular and strong Colombian drink that perfectly ends any meal. See the recipe here.

3. Coconut milk chocolate: A delicious traditional recipe for a Colombian drink, perfect this time of year! See the recipe here.

4. Acquapanela: It translates to “water panela” and is a traditional and popular Colombian drink, which can be served hot or cold. See the recipe here.

5. Tamarind juice: Tamarind juice is a traditional and popular drink in Colombia. It is a sweet, acidic and refreshing juice. See the recipe here.

6. Moustache: This is a popular, sour and creamy Colombian drink. You can find it ready-made in almost every grocery store in Colombia, so making Kumis at home is no longer so common. See the recipe here.

7. Grappa: Also known as “Firewater”, it is a strong alcoholic drink made from anise and cane sugar. See the recipe here

8. Colombian oats: Avena means oats in English and is a rich, creamy and delicious traditional Colombian drink. See the recipe here. See the recipe here.

9. Answer: This is a popular Colombian cocktail made with beer and “Colombiana”, a soda produced in Colombia. See the recipe here.

10. Coconut Lemonade: This coconut lime is popular on the Atlantic coast of Colombia. It’s delicious and very refreshing. See the recipe here.

11. Sabajon: This is the Colombian version of eggnog, enriched with Aguardiente (fire water), a strong alcoholic drink made from anise and cane sugar or rum. See the recipe here.

12. Coco Loco: This is a Colombian coconut cocktail, popular on the country’s Caribbean coast. Coco Loco literally translates to “Crazy Coconut”. See the recipe here.

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