Here we make bean soup because the Olympics are a month away and here we will invent many things to serve on match days. Organizing food for an event like the Olympics can be a fun opportunity to celebrate cultural diversity and offer dishes that are easy to eat, delicious and represent different parts of the world.

The broth that everyone loves

OR Bean soup It is a very popular bar delicacy in Brazil, everyone likes it, especially in the Northeast and Southeast. For a change, if you look you won't find consensus on an exact point of origin, but we can explore some of the roots and historical contexts that helped shape this dish.

Bean soupBean soup

Historical and cultural context:

  1. African influence:
    • The arrival of African slaves in Brazil had a significant impact on local cuisine because Africans brought with them traditions and ingredients that influenced and still influence Brazilian cuisine, especially with the use of beans in various preparations since beans were a basic and economical food accessible to the slave population.
  2. Colonial cuisine:
    • No doubt reuse was the origin of bean soup, as the seasoned “leftovers” must have been a source of dispute among employees until someone noticed the richness of flavors it contained. You can therefore imagine that during the colonial period, as beans became one of the main ingredients of the Brazilian diet due to their low cost, they became a delicacy enjoyed in different ways and occasions.
  3. Regionalism:
    • In the Northeast, bean broth is very popular and is always served as a starter or aperitif, however in Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo it is common in bars and pubs, accompanying pinga, beer, pork rinds and bread.
Brazilian brothBrazilian broth

Characteristics of Bean Broth:

This train is very easy to prepare and there isn't one who doesn't like drinking from a glass with a pepper on top, basically it's just black beans or carioca, seasonings like garlic, onion, bay leaves and sometimes pepper. But obviously only pieces of bacon, sausage or dried meat cannot be added.

Current popularity:

Bean broth is a dish for all tastes, versatile and democratic, which can be found from simple pubs and bars to the most sophisticated restaurants. It is a dish with deep roots in Brazilian cuisine, reflecting the mix of indigenous, African and Portuguese influences. Its simplicity and flavor make it an important part of Brazilian gastronomy and culture that everyone approves of and always asks for a “chorinho”.

The best bean broth

After telling the story, I will give you the best broth recipe, very easy to prepare and very profitable!

I start by preparing the sausage that will accompany it. If you prefer you can also use chopped bacon. I use one of those thin sausages that they sell packaged in supermarkets and are already cooked, but you can use peppers, a couple, whatever you prefer. Just chop it finely and put it in the pan. Since I use nonstick, you don't even need to add oil, because it will release and fry in its own fat. Then just remove it from the pan and place it on a sheet of absorbent paper to dry.


Now pressure cook the black beans with just a bay leaf and water. If you don't know how to do this step, there is a wonderful recipe to help you.

Then brown half the chopped onion and 3 chopped garlic cloves in a drizzle of oil. Add 2 cups cooked beans with broth and a few drops of pepper sauce (optional). Add the salt and boil for a few minutes. Since the idea is to make a broth, it doesn't need to be very thick, but it depends on everyone's tastes.

Now just take the amount of beans you want and blend them in a blender or blender. If you think it's too thick, add a little water while blending.

Place it in cups or mugs (I bought these cute ones in São Paulo, in the Liberdade neighborhood), add some sausages and green onions to add a finishing touch.

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