Cerro San Cristóbal: Santiago / Chile

For those who love to travel, it is worth visiting Cerro San Cristobalin Santiago de Chile. See here, then, what to do there, to make the most of your stay in this place.

Why visit Cerro San Cristobal?

San Cristóbal Santiago is a true oasis for those who want to escape the frenetic pace of the city and enjoy nature.

Furthermore, the place has other attractions that can make your trip unique, such as:

  • gazebo with a view;
  • cable car;
  • funicular.

However, the Metropolitan Park has several green areas, such as the Japanese Garden and the Botanical Garden, ideal for walks, picnics or, if you prefer, simply relaxing.

Outdoor activity

Visitors can enjoy various outdoor activities, such as hiking trails and bike rides, with different levels of difficulty. Therefore, the place can be amazing for many age groups.

San Cristóbal Hill: Santiago/ChileSan Cristóbal Hill: Santiago/Chile
Cerro San Cristóbal is an incredible place with activities for all ages. Image from

What to do in Cerro San Cristóbal?

There are some advantages to visiting San Cristóbal, Chile, such as contact with nature. Therefore, when you visit Chile, this is definitely a place to include in your itinerary.

You can reach the top using the funicular, an iconic city transport system that offers a comfortable and fun climb

Another tourist, but really interesting, activity to do in Santiago is to climb the Cerro San Cristobalwhich is nothing more than a very high hill from which you have a 360º view of the city and, if the day is clear, with the mountain ranges in the background.

Ok, it's not really nice, but if you don't go you will regret it because EVERYONE goes, so you have to go so they don't bother you later hahahaha.

The hill is inside the metropolitan park, which is gigantic. Normally you get to the top by funicular, a kind of cable car that goes up 300 meters attached to a track, but it was under maintenance (thank God!) and we took a taxi.

Visiting experience

The statue of the Virgin Mary and the nearby chapel offer a cultural and spiritual experience to visitors.

Likewise, the hill offers a break from the city air, in this place rich in wildlife and beauty.

What else to do there?

For those who love animals, the zoo is home to several species of animals, both local and exotic. This way your visit can be even more complete.

Sanctuary of the Immaculate Virgin Concepción

Up there, in addition to admiring the view, you can climb a few more steps to reach the sanctuary of the virgin Inmaculada Concepción (look at my lazy face and tell me if I went there? hahahaha).

To cap off our climb up the hill, we tried the signature drink Mote con Huesillos. Like a peach tea, with some wheat kernels at the bottom and some peaches floating.

It's not bad, but it's not good either, man? For those who aren't used to it, it's strange. Look at your husband's face and tell me if there is a possibility that he liked it? Hahahaha.

Seriously, I liked it, but we went up, stayed there for 20 minutes and got off, it was just for contemplation.

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