Como fazer torta Marta Rocha?

A Marta Rocha cake it emerged in the 1950s when a pastry chef from Paraná, to honor a Brazilian young lady, created the dish. It therefore presents colors that recall the characteristics of the Miss who won several beauty contests.

What is the original Marta Rocha cake recipe like?

The original Marta Rocha cake recipe uses white sponge cake and chocolate, with some versions made with white sponge cake only..

Therefore, to do this there are some steps that must be followed to be successful, such as:

  • preparation of the two versions of sponge cake;
  • make the girl sigh and drool as she enters the stuffing;
  • separate the nuts which will add crunch;
  • For the covering, prepare the whipped cream and apricot jam.

The recipe is simple to make, however in each step and during assembly it is essential to be attentive and organized in the kitchen. In other words, having everything written down is very important to avoid getting lost and running the risk of changing ingredients.

Two versions of sponge cake

To prepare the traditional sponge cake you need to mix two eggs with half a cup of flour and gradually add half a cup of wheat flour. Then, on a greased baking tray, place in the oven to bake for 15 minutes.

As for the chocolate sponge cake, you need to beat two eggs with four tablespoons of sugar until you obtain a smooth mixture. Then add tablespoons of wheat flour mixed with four tablespoons of sifted chocolate powder. Finally cook for 15 minutes.

How to prepare the Marta Rocha cake?How to prepare the Marta Rocha cake?
Adding walnuts to the cake gives a crunchy sensation and more flavor to the dish, which can be a dessert or an afternoon snack. Freepik photo.

Preparation of the girl's drool

A traditional Marta Rocha cake The girl's babà is used, the latter giving a particular flavor to the filling of the dish.

In other words, other created versions that can be found on the Internet may not contain this special object.

To prepare baba de madame you need to mix a cup of water with a cup of sugar and heat until it forms a syrup.

However, you must wait for it to cool before adding three tablespoons of corn starch diluted in 200 ml of coconut milk and 8 sifted egg yolks.

For the final stage you need to bring it to the boil and mix all the ingredients well until it thickens. Then, when it is ready and everything is well mixed, remove from the heat and add a spoonful of unsalted margarine.

How to prepare the Marta Rocha cake?How to prepare the Marta Rocha cake?
In sweet cakes, anyone who wishes can add fruit to decorate or be part of the recipe. Freepik photo.

The sigh gives a special flavor

To make the meringue you need to whip two egg whites, then add 125 g of sugar and place them in a greased baking dish. Then place the pan in the oven ajar for an hour or until the meringue has dried.

How to put walnuts in the original Marta Rocha cake recipe?

In the original Marta Rocha cake recipe it is necessary to caramelize the chopped walnuts with sugar and not simply throw the walnuts on the cake.

In other words, put a cup of sugar in a pan until it caramelizes and then add 100 g of finely chopped walnuts.

When the caramelized walnuts are ready, place them in a container to cool and cut them into small pieces to add to the filling.

This way you will get a crunchy and sweet cake at the same time, and you can also use different types of dried fruit, such as:

  • almonds;
  • hazelnut;
  • peanuts;
  • Brazil nuts;
  • cashew nuts;
  • pistachio.

You can mix different types of dried fruit to add to the recipe and give the cake a special flavor. However, it is important to watch out for nut allergies.

Assembling the cake

On a tray, arrange the chocolate sponge cake and on top a layer of babà, hazelnuts, whipped cream and meringues.

Then place the traditional sponge cake and cover everything with whipped cream and apricot jam, as a final touch sprinkle the walnuts on top.

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