Evo flattop grill professional wheeled cart.

I added an Evo Grill to my yard and love it. The high-quality, American-made griddle elevates my outdoor kitchen. Read my full review.

Professional trolley with Evo flattop grill wheels.Professional trolley with Evo flattop grill wheels.

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Disclosure: EVO and provided this grill to me free of charge to test. The opinions are my own.

What is an Evo Grill?

While many people refer to the Evo as a grill, it's actually a griddle… and a really great griddle at that.

It is ideal for cooking burgers; fajitas or quesadillas; bacon, pancakes and eggs; and fried rice.

What makes it unique compared to other flattops is its circular design. It's a showpiece that's great for entertaining.

front of the evo grill with food on the cooking surface.front of the evo grill with food on the cooking surface.

Made in the USA, the Evo Grill It is available as a built-in, self-supporting or professional table-top trolley with wheels.

  • The integrated It can be installed in your custom outdoor kitchen and comes with a 25-inch or 30-inch diameter cooking surface.
  • The wheeled chariot It has a 30-inch cooking surface and can be easily stored and moved when you're ready to cook on it.
  • The professional table It also has a diameter of 30 inches and can be placed on any solid table or counter.

All models are powered by propane or natural gas. Delivery includes a cooking surface cleaning kit (handle, pad and screen), two stainless steel spatulas, a stainless steel cooking surface scraper and an Evo recipe book.

Features of the Evo grill

Double burners

Beneath the black steel cooking surface seasoned with Evo oil, you'll find two burners providing 48,000 BTUs.

Having an internal and external burner allows you to set up two cooking zones.

Dials and ignition

On the front of the barbecue there are two dials to independently control each burner. The temperature ranges from 225-550F degrees.

To the left of the dials you will see the battery powered igniter. Simply turn on the fuel source, turn at least one dial to release gas or propane, and press the igniter. It should turn on instantly.

Fat collection

The fat collection system is one of the features that distinguishes Evo from other plates.

With rectangular plates, fat accumulates and is blocked by the side walls, leaving excess fat in the food.

With Evo, fat will drip off the sides directly into the circular drip pan, allowing you to enjoy healthier meals.

Another benefit of this design is that sometimes when you cook on a griddle, food splatters, which can stain your patio, deck, or concrete. This circular drip pan helps prevent this because it surrounds the entire surface.


The Evo grill features a huge stainless steel hood with an adjustable vent, which is great if you want to use the griddle to smoke, roast, or steam food, or just keep food warm.

It also helps protect the surface of the griddle when you're not cooking it. When you don't need to use the hood, just hang it on the side.


The main advantage of the Evo wheeled cart is that it is mobile. It has large, sturdy wheels that roll easily on any yard surface.

heavy duty wheel on the evo grid.heavy duty wheel on the evo grid.

How to cook on an Evo Grill

Cooking on the Evo griddle is easy. He starts by lighting the grill and heating it to the desired temperature.

I recommend experimenting with some inexpensive foods so you can get used to the heat controls and two-zone cooking.

Personally, I prefer to cook food on the outdoor stove.

I often use the central burner to hold food and keep it warm. And sometimes I don't even need to turn on the central burner because the surface of the griddle retains residual heat well.

top view of the evo cook surface loaded with view of the evo cook surface loaded with food.

The griddle has a non-stick surface, so if you keep it clean and seasoned properly, you won't need to use a lot of oil or fat when cooking.

While the Evo cooks burgers, steaks, and scallops beautifully, you can also roast, steam, and even smoke them.

Use the optional stainless steel roasting grates to lift the food above the plate to cook it more slowly. Add a foil bag of wood chips to the griddle for added smoke.

And use the optional stainless steel cooking lids steam powered. Simply sprinkle a little water around your food, add the lid and let the heat do the rest.

How to clean an Evo Grill

The Evo is an investment, so I highly recommend you take care of it by cleaning it after each use.

  1. While Evo is still hot, use the included scraper to scrape any food residue from the edge and place it in the drip pan.
  2. Spray a little oil on the surface and use the included grate to remove any food residue that may have escaped the scraper. Make sure the oil is a high smoke point oil.
  3. Clean the surface with a cloth or paper towel.
  4. Apply another thin layer of oil and use the polishing pad to re-season the plate.
  5. Use a paper towel to clean the drip pan, pushing any residue toward the grease container.
  6. Remove the grease pan; remove grease and wash with soap and water.

We also recommend cleaning your stainless steel hood and other surfaces from time to time. Keep the Evo protected with the optional heavy duty version vinyl cover.

Specifications of the Evo free-standing gas grill

  • Height:37 inches (without lid), 46″ inches (with lid)
  • Length: 40 inches
  • Cooking surface diameter: 30 inches
  • Weight: 166 lbs
  • Fuel Source: Propane or natural gas
  • Price: $4,995
  • Warranty: limited to one year
  • Made in the USA

Price indicated at time of review; subject to change

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