Goan Moolyacho Ross Recipe (Goan Radish Curry)

Goan Moolyacho Ross is a traditional Goan preparation. Ross means Goan curry and moolo means radish. This curry is similar to Goan drumstick curry or sangacho ross but in this curry mama does not add black peppercorns. You can eat this curry with steamed rice, fried rava vegetables, stir fry or bhaji, kokum kadi, papad and salad for a simple Goan vegetarian lunch. This curry may look simple but it is nutritious because radish is rich in fiber, vitamin B6 and folate which are very good for health. Also, radish controls blood pressure and is good for diabetics. Dal is rich in protein and folate.

Serve Goan Moolyacho Ross with steamed rice and cauliflower Thoran for a perfect weeknight meal.

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