Hacker Invade Blaze e Revela Informações Surpreendentes Sobre o Verdadeiro ‘Dono da Blaze’

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Gustavo Lázaro Investigation: Revelations About 'Blaze Owner'

TikToker Gustavo Lázaro caused a huge stir on the Internet when he released, on his official account, detailed information about who the real “owners of Blaze,” the popular online casino, were. Blaze has been in the spotlight in recent days due to a series of fraud allegations.

Many Blaze users have expressed dissatisfaction, claiming that they do not receive the amounts won with their bets. On the other hand, when they lose, they are immediately charged the amounts due.

Erick Loth Teixeira: An Innocent Player?

According to Gustavo Lázaro, Erick Loth Teixeira, the Brazilian owner of Blaze’s .br domain, is not really responsible for the site. “He just saw an opportunity to make money, probably by being a marketing manager. But in the end, it seems like he’s going to end up taking the blame for others,” Lázaro said.

The Real “Blaze Owners”

Online casino company is the subject of complaints on the Internet. Photo: disclosure

In his eight-minute post, Lázaro highlights three foreign names, including a Dutch one, who would be the real owners of the online casino. Therefore, Carlo Stivala, Nicholas Beugg and Nick Van Gorsel would be, according to Lázaro, the real “owners of Blaze”.

Blaze: And the big wins?

Lázaro, boasting access to detailed data on who receives money from Blaze, revealed some impressive numbers. He said that one digital influencer received up to R$47 million and another up to R$163 million from the online casino, which is not based in Brazil.

He also revealed that one of these beneficiaries, who advertises for Blaze, owns a Lamborghini worth up to R$3 million. However, Lázaro chose not to reveal the names of these people.

Lázaro also commented on Daniel Penin, another digital influencer, who revealed the name Erick Loth Teixeira. According to Lázaro, Penin was wrong in his statements, since Teixeira would not be the true “owner of Blaze”.

Celebrities Involved With Blaze

Brazilian footballer Neymar is one of Blaze's main ambassadors, acting as a spokesperson for the betting company in the country.

A report by the news portal UOL, published on Friday, June 9, 2023, also highlighted the influencer's participation

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