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How much loose leaf tea should I use per cup?

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How much loose leaf tea per cup?

It's a difficult question that everyone finds themselves facing at some point while holding the tea bag in one hand and the infuser in the other. If you are making an entire pot of tea for multiple people, this adds to the confusion.

Easy answer: “A teaspoon for every cup”

This answer seems pretty simple. If I only had a small cup, I would only need a teaspoon of tea in my infuser. If I'm making a cup of tea for a group of three friends I would suggest an extra teaspoon, so four teaspoons of tea.

Overall, this answer is great. It's easy to remember and generally makes a good cup of tea. but there are a couple of other things to consider.

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What type of tea are you using?

THE type of tea that you are using could change the amount of loose tea per cup you need to use. Herbal teas, unlike black teas, generally have a lighter flavor and can be bulkier in volume. This means that to get the same depth of flavor that you would get from a teaspoon of black tea, you will need to add more than a teaspoon of herbal tea. Maybe another full teaspoon or half teaspoon depending on how much you like your tea.

Are you making hot or iced tea?

If you are brewing iced tea will usually be necessary double the amount of tea place in water, as tea usually doesn't brew well in cold water. The tea you select will also determine the depth of flavor of your iced tea. Stronger teas like black, oolong, or some green teas tend to give the best flavor. Be wary of herbal teas as they can have mixed results and be difficult to get right

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