Ideas fáciles y rápidas micro zanahorias

When it comes to vegetables that almost everyone likes, our baby carrots win the prize.

They are versatile, nutritious vegetables, easy to prepare and delicious in different preparations and at different times. Even more so if it's the baby carrots or micro carrots we have for you. So you will only be able to realize their differences with them in your kitchen. Do you have the courage?

We want to share some quick and easy ideas with you. Feel free to also share your ideas with us on @somospomario.

  • To accompany your roasts! grilled carrots. Add a drizzle of olive oil, salt, pepper and paprika and you're done!
  • A healthy and quick snack! carrots with lemon and salt
  • If you have guests at home! a colourful, healthy and delicious proposal for a “snack” before the meal. In the center you can put some hummus, guacamole or some salsa.
  • To accompany your fondue!
  • The recipe that enhances all the flavors! Baked Carrots. Place them whole (with the leaf included), use olive oil, salt and your favorite spices. You can put a sprig of rosemary or thyme on them and give them a special touch. Put them in the oven at 220 C until they are soft.
  • For the little ones! carrots with chocolate

These are some of the ideas we have for you today. Remember that we want to be part of your life, to help you have a balanced, healthy and balanced diet.

See you soon with more ideas! Because remember that we are here with organic vegetables to help you eat better and enjoy the beauty of eating well.



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