Maachli Jaisamandi Recipe – Rajasthani Style Fish In Creamy Gravy

Maachli Jaisamandi Recipe - Rajasthani Style Fish In Creamy Gravy

Rajasthani cuisine is a royal cuisine, mainly composed of lost recipes of the traditional royal families of the Maharajas. Their passion for food is still preserved in historical food journals and passed down to family cooks and chefs so that we can savor the taste of greatness.

Maachi Jaisamandi It is a traditional fish recipe from Udaipur. Marinated fish fillets fried and cooked in a rich, creamy sauce. Here the green chutney is layered between two fish fillets and then dipped in a light batter to fry. Yes, it’s a little different, but it’s a delicious addition to the main course for your next family gathering when served with saffron rice or pilaf.

Serve Maachli Jaisamandalong with Garlic Naan, Burani Raita and Jeera Rice for a weekday meal and enjoy it with your family.

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