Mousse de Maracujá com Ganache de Chocolate

Passion fruit mousse with chocolate ganachePassion fruit mousse with chocolate ganache

Passion fruit mousse with chocolate ganache

Who said that a delicious dessert had to be complicated to prepare? Today we will learn how to prepare an incredible passion fruit mousse with an irresistible chocolate ganache and, above all, without using gelatine! This recipe is easy, quick and will leave everyone's mouth watering. Let's go!

In this recipe we combine the freshness of passion fruit with the pleasure of chocolate in a perfect dessert for any occasion. With just a few ingredients and without the need for gelatine, you will obtain a creamy mousse and a mouth-watering chocolate ganache. Get ready to surprise your guests with this delight!


  • 1 pack of cold condensed milk
  • 1 pack of cold cream
  • Pulp of 1 passion fruit
  • 1 pack of whipped cream
  • 1 tablespoon of powdered milk
  • 200g semi-sweet chocolate
  • 200 g of cream

Step by step

  1. Preparation of the mousse:
    • In the blender, add the cold condensed milk, cold cream and passion fruit pulp.
    • Blend everything until you obtain a homogeneous mixture.
  2. Adding whipped cream:
    • Place the cold whipped cream in a bowl and add a spoonful of powdered milk.
    • Beat until you obtain stiff whipped cream and add it to the blender mixture.
    • Mix gently.
  3. I prepare from Ganache:
    • In a microwave-safe container, place the semi-sweet chocolate and melt in 30-second intervals, stirring after each interval.
    • When it is completely melted, add the cream and mix well.
  4. Assembly:
    • Pour the mousse into a bowl and place in the refrigerator for at least two hours.
    • When the mousse has solidified, pour the ganache on top.
  5. Finish:
    • To finish, spread the chocolate flakes over the ganache.
    • Place in the fridge for a few more minutes to firm up.

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Combinations of dishes

This chocolate and passion fruit mousse pairs perfectly with a glass of cold white wine or even a very strong espresso. Also try serving with fresh fruit, such as strawberries or grapes.


  • Be sure to use cold ingredients for a creamier mousse.
  • If you prefer a thicker ganache, let it rest in the fridge for a few minutes before pouring it onto the mousse.
  • Try adding lemon zest to the ganache for a citrusy twist.

Like this Passion fruit mousse with chocolate, you will have an irresistible and easy to prepare dessert to surprise your friends and family. Enjoy every spoonful of this goodness and share sweet moments with those you love!

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