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Have you ever made this Tapioca Cheese Bread? So get ready because I make it a lot here at home and after this post I guarantee you will too! Making a black coffee “what a train” is irresistible, but first let me tell you how I got to this “beauty”!

Traditional Cheese Bread

Directly from Minas Gerais, the cheese bread Brazil won, but now that social media has brought this gastronomic experience all over the world, from the north to the south of Ecuador we have fans of this delicacy from Minas Gerais. Its history dates back to the colonial period, when Brazil was still a colony and the Portuguese incorporated cassava into their recipes. Cassava flour and starch opened up a new range of gastronomic possibilities used in colonial cuisine.

At that time in colonial Brazil, wheat flour was scarce and expensive, so it was necessary to find alternatives for making bread and other foods, and tapioca flour became a natural substitute for wheat flour due to its abundance and knowledge from the indigenous culture.

A simple recipe

The original cheese bread recipe used cassava starch, sweet but also sour in some recipes, eggs, milk, salt and local cheeses, especially the one he had on hand, the famous “Minas cheese”. From this simple combination a dough was obtained which, once cooked, expanded to form small balls that were golden and crunchy on the outside, but soft and with a strong cheese flavor on the inside.

Cheese breadCheese bread

From Minas to the world

Initially, cheese bread was mainly consumed on the farms and homesteads of Minas Gerais, but over time its popularity grew and it became a constant presence in the breakfasts and afternoon snacks of Minas Gerais families, even in urban centers.

Starting in the 1950s, cheese bread began to be sold in bakeries and supermarkets and the recipe was also industrialized, spreading this Minas Gerais tradition throughout Brazil and even abroad.

A symbol of Brazil

Cheese bread has become a symbol of Minas Gerais cuisine and with the globalization of Brazilian cuisine, it is often associated with the hospitality and warmth of Minas Gerais homes and therefore with Brazilian hospitality. Nowadays it has become very normal to see “gringos” on social media being enchanted by the delicacy, but this is one of the “Brazilian magic”.

Cheese and tapioca bread

cheese breadcheese bread

Tapioca cheese bread is a variation of traditional cheese bread, using tapioca starch instead of cassava starch. Tapioca extracted from cassava offers a different texture, crunchier on the outside and soft on the inside, see how simple it is:

My tapioca cheese bread recipe

1 cup (tea) tapioca gum;
2 col. cottage cheese (soup);
3 col. (soup) of parmesan or other grated cheese.
A little bit of salt.

Way of doing

I do it like this: in a bowl I put the tapioca, salt and cheese and gradually add the cream cheese. Depending on the brand of tapioca, it can be more or less dry.

The point I like is a softer dough, you can't roll it.

I drain it onto the baking tray, forming mounds. Then I bake it at 180° in the preheated oven for about 20 minutes.

I leave the recipe of my blender. I made a video with the recipe of Palmirinha because it was so cute that it deserves to be remembered forever, so take a look:

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