Roasted Garlic Pineapple Paneer Pizza Recipe

Paneer Pizza Recipe with Pineapple and Roasted Garlic is a veggie pizza delight. Made from scratch, this recipe is simple yet delicious. Pineapple and cheese is a classic Hawaiian pizza topping that everyone loves. We added more to those classic flavors.

The base of the Pineapple Paneer pizza is made with a little wheat flour and all-purpose flour and yeast. Making the pizza dough at home helps because it gives you a nice thin crust base.

The pizza base is topped with juicy cooked pineapple chunks, paneer, bell peppers, onions, broccoli, olives and jalapeno peppers and two types of cheese: Britannia Roasted Garlic Spreadz and Britannia Cheezza, a cheese that is perfect for making any type of pizza.

This creative vegetable pizza topping makes the Paneer Pizza with Roasted Garlic and Pineapple recipe unique and tasty, and a sure hit with kids and elders alike. It is a recipe that everyone loves and can be served at any party or get-together.

Serve Paneer Pizza Recipe with Pineapple and Roasted Garlic with the recipe for penne with spinach and basil pesto and the recipe for summer fruit tart for a weekend dinner.

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