Taco Time: Siembra Taquería

Many regional genres are covered: al pastor, Baja shrimp, meat, I suggest. Our favorites so far were a succulent morsel of achiote-marinated fish sharing a bluish tortilla with a slice of caramelized pineapple serving as a garnish. shepherd fish. THE Dried tagliatelle with marrow it's the first time we've seen this Spanish dish adapted as a taco filling. Campechano is a classy ode to the Estado de México's favorite dish, the marriage of ground and salted meat chickpeas flour pie and spicy sausage. Daily and weekend specials are offered. Prices are high but the rule is quality rather than quantity.

It should be noted that a full restaurant, Siembra Comedor, is located just down the street and is highly recommended.

Sowing Taqueria
Lawyer Isaac Newton 256, Polish
Open Tuesday to Saturday from 9am to 10pm, Monday until 5pm, Sunday until 4pm

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