Taco Time: Where There’s Smoke -  Porcino Cocina & Humo

The house favorite taco (and ours, too) is the Barrigón, a meaty, aromatic tortilla atop a slice of hickory-smoked pork belly topped with pickled red onion, tomatillo puree, and sliced ​​fresh green tomato.

Also very popular is Tatemado, which is a version of pulled pork cooked and smoked in avocado wood, then topped with salsa. tatemada (toasted) and crowned with verdolagas (portulana) to add a touch of citrus.

El Navideño is based on the favorite dessert of the Christmas season marinated loin a pork loin covered in chili ancho and spices and cooked until tender; It's Christmas here all year round.

The menu is judiciously limited to tacos and cakes, although a couple of desserts are offered, including a wonderful “Impossibile.” Drinks are varied and include hard cider, ginger beer and a number of craft beers.

Elizabeth adds that “…we try to take risks”; Porcino really plays with fire.

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