Teriyaki Shrimp Quinoa Bowls with Mango-Cucumber Salsa

Teriyaki Shrimp Quinoa Bowls with Mango-Cucumber Salsa

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These fresh and delicious Teriyaki Shrimp Quinoa Bowls topped with honey, ginger and soy sauce are topped with avocado and mango cucumber salsa.

Teriyaki Shrimp Quinoa Bowls with Mango Cucumber Salsa

Teriyaki Shrimp Quinoa Bowls

I love grain bowls. I usually gravitate to rice bowls, but I also love one with quinoa. This shrimp teriyaki bowl is perfect! To give the quinoa extra flavor, I cook it in vegetable broth, then season it with chopped shallots. While it cooks, I dice the mangoes, cucumbers and jalapeño to make the salsa and squeeze some fresh lime on top with cilantro and a pinch of salt. The shrimp only take a few minutes to cook, so when the quinoa is done, the rest is ready and it's quick to throw together. More simple quinoa bowl recipes are this Lemon Chili Shrimp Quinoa Bowl and Huevos Rancheros Quinoa Bowls.

Teriyaki Shrimp Quinoa Ingredients

Ingredients for the quinoa bowl:

  • Quinoa: Rinse the multicolored quinoa and cook it vegetable brothand incorporate the shallot in the end.
  • Mango sauce: Diced mango and cucumber, sliced ​​jalapeños, fresh lime juice, salt, chopped coriander
  • Shrimp: Peel and empty half a kilo of shrimp.
  • Garlic and Ginger sauteed until fragrant
  • Teriyaki sauce ingredients: Low sodium soy sauce, rice vinegar, honey, grated ginger
  • Sesame oil sprinkled over the shrimp
  • Avocado: Top the shrimp bowls with sliced ​​avocado.

How to Make Teriyaki Shrimp Bowls

  • Quinoa: Place the quinoa and broth in a saucepan and bring to the boil. When it starts to boil, reduce the heat to low and cook for 15-18 minutes. Next, mix in the shallots.
  • Sauce: Combine all the mango and cucumber salsa ingredients in a small bowl.
  • Teriyaki Sauce: Mix the soy sauce, vinegar, honey, and ginger in a large bowl.
  • Shrimp: Heat a teaspoon of olive oil in a large skillet over medium-high heat. Add the garlic and ginger and cook for a minute until fragrant. Pour in the sauce, cook for a few minutes until it has reduced slightly and add the prawns. Cook them for about three minutes and season them with sesame oil.
  • to assemble: Divide the quinoa among four bowls and add equal amounts of shrimp, salsa, salsa, and avocado.

How to Store Shrimp Quinoa Bowls

I personally don't like making shrimp too many days in advance, so I usually eat these teriyaki bowls the night I make them and eat the leftovers the next day for lunch or dinner. You can eat leftover shrimp and quinoa cold or reheat them in the microwave.


  • Grains: Rice or spelled for quinoa.
  • Fruit: Replace mango with pineapple.
  • Coriander: Hate cilantro? Skip it!
  • Spiciness: Don't like spicy food? Remove the seeds and ribs from the jalapeño.
  • Gluten-free bowls: Use tamari instead of soy sauce.
  • Sweetener: Replace the agave with honey.
  • Protein: Swap the shrimp for chicken or omit them for veggie bowls.
  • Vegetables: Add halved cherry tomatoes or diced peppers for extra veggies.
Teriyaki Shrimp Quinoa Bowls with Mango Cucumber Salsa

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Preparation: 10 minutes

Cooked: 30 minutes

Total: 40 minutes

Product: 4 portions

Portions: 1 bowl

  • Place the quinoa in a pot with 1 1/3 cups broth and bring to a boil. When it starts to boil, reduce the heat to low and cover.

  • Cook for 15 to 18 minutes or until liquid is absorbed.

  • Add the shallots.

  • In a small bowl, combine the mango, cucumber, jalapeño, lime juice, a pinch of salt, and cilantro. Set aside.

  • In a large bowl, combine the soy sauce, rice vinegar, honey, and ginger. Set aside.

  • Add 1 teaspoon olive oil to a large skillet over medium-high heat. Add the garlic and ginger and cook until fragrant, 1 minute.

  • Add the sauce to the pan and cook 3-4 minutes until slightly reduced, then add the prawns.

  • Cook until shrimp are cooked through and pink, 3 minutes. Season with sesame oil.

  • Divide the quinoa among 4 bowls. Top each with cooked shrimp and sauce.

  • Top with the mango-cucumber salsa and avocado.

Last step:

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Serving: 1 bowl, Calories: 352 kcal, Carbohydrates: 44.5 G, Protein: 24 G, Fat: 10 G, Saturated fats: 1.5 G, Cholesterol: 143 mg, Sodium: 1389 mg, Fiber: 6.5 G, Sugar: 14.5 G

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