Timballo di anelletti siciliani con melanzane

The timbale of Sicilian anelletti with aubergines it is an easy recipe, very tasty and which I love preparing with the arrival of the summer, when it is easier to find good aubergines.

In Sicily this dish is traditionally made with anelletti, a very popular pasta shape especially in the Palermo area.

I'll tell you a little curiosity: despite the wealth of ingredients with which this baked pasta is prepared, the anelletti are considered by many to be a beach food, to be enjoyed under the umbrella. Since this is a typical preparation, in Sicily each family has its own recipe for baked anelletti which can vary, for example, by the use of different types of cured meats or by the addition of hard-boiled eggs or, again, by the use of a ragout enriched with peas.

But one thing is certain: whatever the ingredients, the Baked Sicilian anelletti they are always good! I wanted to offer them to you in the form of a timbale, with a rich filling flavored with fresh tomato sauce and enclosed in a casket of fried aubergines. If you cannot find the rings in your local supermarket, replace them with any type of short pasta. The result is guaranteed!

Serving this baked pasta at the table will be a pleasure not only for the taste but also for the sight. In fact, it looks like a cake which, when cut, will reveal all the colors and scents of summer. Don't you love fried aubergines? You can easily use grilled aubergines, but, in this case, grease the pan you will use well.

Let's immediately see the procedure to achieve this timbale of Sicilian anelletti with aubergines!

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