Una oda al arte que nos da de comer / Por: Juan Pablo Botero González

An ode to the art that nourishes us / By: Juan Pablo Botero González

There are six factors that determine the perfect preservation of an agricultural product on the plate:

  • Flooring
  • Climate
  • Parasites
  • Illnesses
  • Waterfall
  • Labor

To add a little more excitement, let's say that each of these factors is broken down into at least five possible outcomes each; There are thousands of fungi, bacteria and insects, still unknown to humanity, that can positively or negatively affect a crop. This means that there are 3,125 possible results of an agricultural product, of which very few are positive 😉

10,000 years of learning that humanity has spent mastering agriculture to increasingly reduce the negative results on our plates. Years of learning through famine, war, science and above all art. Art to have the hope and passion to know that even though most of the 3,125 results may not be good, we continue to work with back pain and blistered hands to aim for those few positive results, with the sensitivity of a good artist, but with the strength of a farmer who works tirelessly.

Juan Pablo, the youngest of the brothers

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