Veal Meatball With Sage & Marsala

There are few dishes as comforting as a big bowl of tender meatballs smothered in a flavorful sauce. I first made these meatballs probably over twenty years ago and have made them often over the years when I wanted something quick and easy to make.

Sage Meatballs ~ Another quick and easy dish, great for a weeknight meal, but tasty enough to serve to guests. I use veal, but you can definitely use ground beef or turkey if you prefer. It can be made ahead and reheated, but you may need to add a little extra Marsala wine to make enough sauce. Serve with soft polenta, garlic mashed potatoes, or buttered egg pasta as sides.

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Enjoy your meal!
Deborah Apples


  • 1 1/2 pounds ground veal

  • 1/4 cup soft bread crumbs moistened with milk

  • 3 tablespoons grated parmesan cheese

  • 8 fresh sage leaves

  • 3 tablespoons butter

  • Salt and pepper

  • 3/4 cup dry Marsala wine

  • 1/2 cup chicken broth

  • 1/3 cup heavy cream


  1. Mix together the veal, breadcrumbs, cheese and a pinch of salt and pepper.
  2. Finely chop half of the sage leaves and add them.
  3. Form balls about the size of walnuts and fry them in butter until golden.
  4. Add the wine and broth and cook until reduced by half.
  5. Coarsely chop the remaining sage leaves and add to the sauce.
  6. Season with salt and pepper and add the cream.
  7. Cook for a few minutes, until the meatballs are cooked and the sauce has thickened.
  8. Serve the meatballs with the sauce poured over them and garnish with fresh sage.

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