Why You Have to Try This Peruvian, Desert-grown Wine

As one of the best culinary centers in the world, Peru continues to offer unique gastronomic experiences. Along with world-class cuisine usually comes world-class wine. Peru receives increasing global attention from wine experts as the country produces wine in a distinct climate and environment, leading to one-of-a-kind results. So why is Peruvian wine different? How is it unique from others that it is a must-try for wine lovers like me? To answer these questions, let's delve into the origins and process of winemaking in Peru.

Peru's wine region is unique in the desert

Peru was the first South American country to introduce wine production. It all began in the Spanish era, when European winemakers decided to produce quality grapes in the elevated region of Cusco. Over the years, wineries moved their vineyards to the more accessible Ica region, a desert oasis on the edge of the Atacama Desert.

Today, Peruvian grapes are still grown primarily in Ica, an unusual climate choice for growing vineyards and producing wines. Higher temperatures may not be the norm, but Peru has several grape varieties suited to the desert environment. Peru is the second world producer of wine that uses these particular desert grapes.

Tasty wine options

Due to the high temperatures in Ica, the ideal grape varieties for growing in the region are Tannat and Petit Verdot. Both they are late-ripening varieties and have thick skin, which makes them resistant to parasites. These grapes have a higher sugar content, resulting in relatively sweeter wine varieties with a higher alcohol content.

There are many wine options in Peru, such as Intipalka and Sauvignon Blanc, bright citrus whites perfect for pairing with ceviche and other fresh Peruvian dishes. There is also Don Manuel from Tacama, the oldest winery in Peru, one of the darkest red wines from this company. There's also the growing favorite, the Quebrada de Ihaunco, unlike any other wine from Peru with its tawny color and distinctive aroma.

Peruvian wine is a rare export

Peruvian wines are difficult to find in other parts of the world as there are only a few importers of Peruvian wine. Ica grapes are also used as the main ingredient in Peru's most famous drink, Pisco brandy, which is itself widely used throughout the world as the spirit used in the famous Pisco Sour. However, Peruvians love their wine and are eager to share it with the world, and global demand is growing. This is the ideal time to start enjoying Peru's many exciting wine varieties.

Which of these would you like to try first?

Don't worry: there are many other unique wine options available in Peru, more than enough for an exciting wine tasting tour in Ica. Please share your experience with Peruvian wine with us.

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